New Permit Sought for Golf Course

Operators of the Studio City Golf Course will go before a zoning administrator Aug. 22 to ask for a conditional-use permit to keep the course open.

The course has been served an eviction notice by the property owners, based on the fact that its conditional-use permit expired nearly a decade ago.

The Weddington Investment Partnership, which owns the land, discovered this spring that the course’s conditional-use permit expired in May, 1985. It contends that the expiration in turn nullified a 1955 lease that partner Guy Weddington McCreary has called “miserable.”

According to that agreement, the golf course pays just $1,000 a month for the 17.2-acres of urban property. The partnership is now seeking to sell or rent the property at a higher price.


Attorneys for the golf course have said they will fight any attempts to oust the current operators.

The zoning hearing will be held at the Sherman Oaks Women’s Club, 4808 Kester Ave.