CYPRESS : City Investigating Lincoln Ave. Hotels

The city has launched an investigation of hotels and motels on Lincoln Avenue to see if they are in conformity with health and safety codes.

One goal, city officials said, is to make sure the lodging places are not used as cheap apartments.

“These are supposed to be hotels and motels--not apartment houses,” said Councilman Walter K. Bowman.

The council this week received an interim report from city staff about the Lincoln Avenue hotels and motels. City Planning Director Chris Eynon said in the written report several motels were found to have numerous fire and safety violations.


Her report said that one motel in the 6000 block of Lincoln Avenue had “few smoke detectors functioning” and had a “non-operational fire-support system.”

Eynon’s report also said the Police Department had found that some hotels and motels on Lincoln Avenue account for a large number of calls for disturbances and reported violation of drug and prostitution laws.

“The fact there are so many police calls shows we have a major problem and that we’d better do something about it,” Eynon told the council Monday night.

Council members agreed that the city staff should continue to crack down on code violations in the hotels and motels.


“I think we need to be very proactive if we want to resolve these problems,” Councilwoman Gail H. Kerry said.

Councilwoman Joyce C. Nicholson said an updated report on the city staff’s investigation will be received within the next 30 days.