Laguna Calls for Action on Water Quality

* I would like to compliment The Times for its editorial (“Getting to the Source of the Problem,” July 31), which called attention to the need for action to improve the water in Aliso Creek. Your help with this effort is much appreciated.

I would like to clarify that all five members of the Laguna Beach City Council have asked for public hearings before the Aliso Water Management Agency. Three of the five council members actually attended the meeting of that board, but the council was unanimous in its endorsement of action to correct the problems that have led to sewer spills, which have polluted the creek and the ocean at Aliso Beach.

In the last several years, the city of Laguna Beach has itself taken numerous steps to enhance water quality and protect the marine environment along the coast.

We hope that all public agencies that are involved with ocean water quality can work together to enhance this resource for the benefit of all of our constituents.



Mayor, Laguna Beach