Paul Fleiss

* Re "Heidi Fleiss, Father Indicted on Tax Charges," July 29:

I have known Dr. Paul Fleiss for 19 years. He has been our children's physician since our oldest daughter was a baby. In every news account, he is referred to not only as Heidi Fleiss' father but also as a "prominent and wealthy pediatrician." Now, he is also accused of being Heidi's crime partner. It is an ironic twist--the "sins of the children will be visited on the parents." How tragic that a human being can lead a life of service and dedication only to have his moral character and reputation soiled by innuendoes and sensationalism.

Dr. Paul, as everyone calls him, has been in practice for 30 years. During this time he has unfailingly helped many, many people regardless of ethnic background or economic status. His staff is made of people who have been working for him for many years--some as long as 25 years--and who are devoted to him, his work and his patients. Since the '70s, his office has been in the same modest address--an old, funky house, casual and warm, surrounded by happy pictures sent by proud parents, both rich and poor, who think of Dr. Paul as family. He has never been too busy or too tired to answer the call of a worried parent, no matter how minor the concern, and he always does it with graciousness and care.

Compassion and elegance of spirit describe him. He is beloved and respected.

It is unfortunate what has happened. He does not deserve any of it.


Beverly Hills

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