CYPRESS : Official Wants to Stop Flyer Parties

Councilwoman Joyce C. Nicholson on Monday called for a crackdown in the wake of a violent flyer party here over the weekend.

Flyer parties are advertised among young people by paper flyers announcing the time and site of the event and the admission cost. Police in some cities have said such parties frequently get out of hand.

In Cypress on Saturday night, a flyer party in the 10300 block of Ethel Street erupted in gunshots and one incident of pistol-whipping, according to police. No one was shot, but a 20-year-old unidentified Long Beach man was hospitalized after being pistol-whipped.

Nicholson said Monday that she is asking police and city staff whether existing city law is adequate to clamp down on flyer parties. If not, she said, she will bring the issue up at the City Council’s Sept. 12 meeting, asking that the staff draft an ordinance to clamp down on such parties.


“I don’t think we need flyer parties,” she said. “They always seem to get out of hand. If we don’t have laws on the book capable of handling these parties, I think something needs to be done.”

Nicholson said she will also inquire whether existing city law allows police to bill a resident for the police cost of responding to a flyer party held at that home.