VENTURA : Residents’ Pledges for Students Sought

Ventura High School officials are inviting residents to pledge money to students who will spend Saturday sanding bleachers, digging up the school lawn to install sprinklers and doing other odd jobs around the campus.

Under a program called SERV (Students Earning Revenue for Ventura High School), about 400 students are expected to work at least part of Saturday at the school.

Besides improving the appearance of the school, the program raises money by allowing students to take pledges for each hour that they work and then to donate the funds to the school.

Over the past four years, students have raised $50,000 for school clubs, classroom materials and cleaning supplies for the school, Assistant Principal Larry Emrich said.


But as of the middle of this week, students were still working to bring in pledges for Saturday, he said.

To pledge, call the school at 641-5116.