Diana Jordan and More

For comedy fans who like their humor with a woman's perspective, Diana Jordan returns her "Female, Fertile and Frustrated" to the Irvine Improv for two Mondays (Nov. 7 and 14).

The outgoing and engaging comic takes male/female issues and filters them through her own female-friendly lenses.

"All my act is based in truth and reality," she recently told The Times. "I just twist it a little."

Such twists include:

* "The difference between a baby and a boyfriend is that you can leave a baby alone with the baby-sitter."

* "Men are different from women. Women put on just a dab of cologne to send a subtle message to a man. Men wear cologne like a sexual foghorn."

Other headliners in town include Brian Regan at the Irvine Improv through Sunday. Coming up are Jeff Jena, who opens a three-night run Tuesday at the same place, while Mack & Jamie start a two-week stint Wednesday at the Brea Improv.

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