A Chance to Go Into 'Sensory Overload' at the Movies

American Cinematheque, IMAX, Iwerks and Showscan present "Sensory Overload," a special formats film festival, a journey into the future and into full immersion of the senses. This five-day showcase, beginning Wednesday, includes films in 3-D, 360 degree, digital animation, simulation ride films and large formats.

Wednesday: "The IMAX Experience," a three-hour program featuring three 40-minute IMAX films, a program of trailers and discussion with IMAX filmmakers and executives at the IMAX Theater in Exposition Park.

Dec. 1: Showscan Entertainment, 3939 Landmark St., Culver City, will present at 6 p.m. a simulation ride plus an example of Showscan's 5 perf, 60fps process.

Dec. 2: Iwerks Entertainment, 4540 W. Valerio St., Burbank, will present at 7 p.m. a sampling of its product, simulation ride films and films presented in Cinema-drome 360 and various large formats.

Dec. 3: Chandler Group, 4121 Redwood Ave., Marina del Rey. An all-day mini-festival, 9:30 a.m. through 5 p.m., of films from leading independent specialty film producers.

Dec. 4: A closing symposium, sponsored by Consolidated Film Industries, will be held 2:30 to8:30 p.m. at UCLA's Melnitz Theater.

Information: (213) 466-FILM, ext. 2.

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