BURBANK : X-Rated Filmmaking Barred on City’s Land


Filmmakers will no longer be allowed to shoot pornographic scenes on publicly owned property in Burbank after some city workers complained about unexpectedly finding an X-rated film crew at the city’s power plant in October.

City officials are revising the way they issue permits to filmmakers by asking more questions about the scenes to be shot, including whether any nudity is involved.

“Up until this point, we’ve been primarily interested in the tenant quality, making sure whoever uses our facility doesn’t damage it,” Assistant City Manager Steve Helvey said.


“From our perspective, it’s important to distinguish that we’re not trying to make statement calls about the content of movies. We still are not interested in whether a movie will ultimately be PG- or R-rated. It’s the manner in which the city of Burbank is going to be displayed.”

In October, power plant workers said they unexpectedly walked past filming of the movie “Fantasy Chamber” and were stunned to see oral copulation and intercourse involving groups of two and three actors.