VENTURA : Plea Bargain Struck in Voter Fraud Case


Two Ventura County women have pleaded guilty to voter fraud for, among other charges, submitting dead people’s names as newly registered Republicans.

Angela Robinson-Adams of Ventura and Lisa Marie Krueger of Oxnard were promised probation in exchange for their guilty pleas to six felony charges, Deputy Dist. Atty. Robert D. Meyers said Friday.

They are scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 20 by Superior Court Judge Allan L. Steele.

The women were arrested in October and charged with more than 20 counts each of voter fraud. In her guilty plea, Robinson-Adams admitting to submitting dead people’s names on voter registration cards.


Krueger pleaded guilty to submitting the names of people she had registered without their consent, Meyers said.

The pair were hired to register Republican voters by a campaign consultant working for the Brooks Firestone Assembly campaign. Neither Firestone nor the consulting firm was implicated in the scam, prosecutors said.

Officials said Robinson-Adams and Krueger worked for about two weeks and turned in between 100 and 150 cards each. The two were paid about $3 per card.

Meyers said that without the promise of probation, the defendants could have been sentenced to six years in prison.

“We thought that it would not be appropriate to send these people to state prison,” Meyers said.