Judge Sends Rapist to Prison for 30,000 Years

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From Associated Press

A judge who said he was weary of criminals serving only a portion of their time sentenced a man convicted of raping children to 30,000 years in prison.

The jury that convicted Charles Scott Robinson on Dec. 14 had recommended 5,000 years in prison for each of the six counts against him. Jurors, who couldn’t sentence him to life without parole, said they wanted Robinson behind bars for good.

Robinson’s previous convictions were for nonviolent crimes of burglary, attempted burglary, concealing stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle.


District Judge Dan Owens on Thursday chose to order the sentences consecutively instead of concurrently, meaning that the 30-year-old Robinson probably couldn’t be paroled until he is at least 108 years old.

“By doing that, I think I can assure that you will spend the rest of your natural life in the confines of the Department of Corrections,” Owens told Robinson.

Telephone calls seeking comment from the public defender’s office, which represented Robinson, were not immediately returned.

The Corrections Department will compute the sentences as six life terms, each worth 45 years. Most people become eligible for parole in 13 to 15 years.

If Robinson were paroled on the first count in 15 years, he would have to wait 13 to 15 more years before parole on the second count, and the same for the remaining counts. Even if he were paroled on each count every 13 years, he would be in prison for 78 years.