A summary of selected City Hall actions this week affecting central Los Angeles.


* FIGHTING CRIME: Approved a Public Works Committee report that establishes guidelines for temporarily closing streets, alleys or walkways because of criminal activity. The following conditions must be met before a closure, which would be for 18 months, can be imposed:

* The existence of serious and continual criminal activity at the site.

* Vehicular or pedestrian traffic that contributes to the criminal activity.


* Agreement to the closure by surrounding property owners.

* Evidence that the closure will not adversely affect public utility services or emergency vehicle operations.

A review would be conducted every six months to evaluate the effectiveness of the closure, and the site could be reopened before the expiration of the 18-month period. Officials say that no street, alley or walkway in the city is currently under consideration for closure.

* LOT FOR SALE: Authorized the public auction of a 10,000-square-foot vacant parcel at 2115 E. Imperial Highway. The auction will take place March 3 in Room 250A at City Hall, with the minimum bid set at $65,000. The lot is in a residential neighborhood in Watts.


* SKID ROW HOTEL: Authorized the Community Redevelopment Agency to increase funding for the Courtland Hotel on Skid Row by $139,000 because of new code requirements adopted after last year’s earthquake. The biggest change to the hotel, located at 520 S. Wall St., will be relocation of sewer lines. The addition brings the total funding to the nonprofit Courtland Hotel Limited Partnership to $2.66 million. The hotel is expected to open later this month and will offer 97 rooms at rates from $180 to $230 a month.


How South-Central and Eastside City Council representatives voted on selected issues. * BIKEWAYS: Approved the transfer of $221,750 of Proposition C Transportation Funds to the Bureau of Engineering to fill five civil engineering positions that will be responsible for designing new bikeway projects this year. In addition, $53,000 was transferred to the Bureau of Street Lighting to provide bikeway illumination for the Los Angeles River Bikeway Project, which is expected to begin construction in June. The river bikeway, which will follow a path alongside the Los Angeles River from Los Feliz Boulevard to near the Pasadena (110) Freeway, is expected to be completed by January, 1996. Passed 14-0. Voting yes: Richard Alatorre, Mike Hernandez, Jackie Goldberg, Nate Holden, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Rudy Svorinich Jr., Rita Walters.