LOS ANGELES : Michael Jackson to Host King From Ivory Coast

Pop star Michael Jackson will be hosting an African king--whom he met during a trip to the Ivory Coast three years ago--during the king's four-day visit to Los Angeles, Jackson's publicist said Thursday.

"Michael Jackson was a guest of King Nana Amon Ndoufou IV, the most important ruler on the Ivory Coast, ruling the kingdom of Sanwi in Ghana," Lee Solters said.

"In a special ceremony, King Ndoufou officially made Jackson a Sanwi king. The ceremony also meant, according to Sanwi rituals and beliefs, that Jackson was King Ndoufou's 'son.' "

Included in the Los Angeles visit will be a trip to Universal Studios.

"The visit is a personal one," Solters said. "Michael wants to repay the generosity and hospitality that King Ndoufou bestowed on him during his African visit."

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