UNNATURAL HISTORY?: The district attorney's office served...

UNNATURAL HISTORY?: The district attorney's office served search warrants at the Museum of Natural History Friday (B1). It's part of an investigation into financial irregularities discovered in books of the Museum Foundation, a private group that raises funds . . . Foundation Vice President James Gilson said no financial discrepancies have been "particularly related" to the museum's Burbank branch.

FLAT RATE: Damage is still adding up from the Northridge earthquake . . . Hundreds of Valley vehicles have literally run into problems from those quake debris piles slated for curbside pickup. "I've had some customers who have had dozens of flat tires since the earthquake," said Canoga Park tire shop manager Mark Jesse. "There's nails, spark plugs, keys, coat hangers. Anything that's hard or sharp, we're finding in tires."

TONGUE-TIED: For decades, Church of the Nazarene leaders have cracked down on clergy who condone the Pentecostal practice of speaking in tongues. But Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene clergy spoke for themselves Wednesday by welcoming guest speaker Jack Hayford (above), the Pentecostal pastor of Van Nuys' Church on The Way (B11). . . . One official called the move "unusual, and a bit daring."

HIGH STAKES: Burbank Airport officials may have to take their heads out of the clouds after Tuesday's Burbank primary election. . . . The results will most likely create a Burbank City Council with tighter reins on the airport--just as airport officials planned to triple the size of the terminal (B1).

LOW BLOW: CSUN's Howard Garcia apparently has had enough of Cal Basketball coach Todd Bozeman. It was bad enough when Bozeman jabbed at Garcia, a special events manager, during a game last month. But then Bozeman had to claim on ESPN that Garcia racially insulted him. Now Garcia wants an apology . . . or he'll take Bozeman to court (C7).

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