FULLERTON : Air Traffic Manager Named for Airport

A pilot and traffic control supervisor at John Wayne Airport has been named Fullerton Municipal Airport's new air traffic manager.

Dayle Buschkotter, 40, currently works as area supervisor at the Federal Aviation Administration's tower at John Wayne Airport.

She will begin the new duties next week when she takes over the post from an acting tower chief who has filled the position for a year.

Before going to John Wayne Airport, she had served as an air traffic controller at Los Angeles International Airport, Chino Airport and the Lancaster and Daggett flight service stations.

"She has excellent credentials as an air traffic controller, but it's really her depth of aviation knowledge that makes her unique," Fullerton's airport director Roland Elder said.

"And she's really dedicated to working with the community. Even before starting the job, she's already attending meetings of the Airport Users Task Force and the Fullerton and Buena Park Noise and Safety Committee because she wants to know what's going on with the community."

Buschkotter is also president of the Whirly Girls, an organization of women helicopter pilots.

She recently was named one of the Top 10 "Women in Aviation" for 1995 by the National Aviation Club.

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