Cutbacks Planned Everywhere

From Associated Press

The cuts planned by Amtrak to help ease a $195-million budget shortfall this year. Amtrak announced the cuts Dec. 14, but has since changed some of its plans:

Frequency reductions effective Feb. 1:

* New York-Atlanta-New Orleans and New York-Atlanta-Mobile, Ala. (the Crescent and Gulf Breeze): Was daily; Atlanta-New Orleans and Atlanta-Mobile segments now three times a week.

* Chicago-Minneapolis-Seattle and Chicago-Minneapolis-Portland, Ore. (the Empire Builder): Was daily; Minneapolis-Seattle and Minneapolis-Portland segments now four days a week.


* Chicago-Salt Lake City-Los Angeles (the Desert Wind): Was daily; Salt Lake City-Los Angeles segment now three days a week.

* New York-Tampa, Fla.: One of two daily trains (the Palmetto) eliminated.

Service eliminated April 1:

* Birmingham-Mobile, Ala. (the Gulf Breeze).

* Chicago-Grand Rapids, Mich. (the Pere Marquette).

* St. Albans, Vt.-Montreal (Amtrak originally planned to cut the entire Montrealer route from New York to Montreal via Vermont, but agreed to retain service from Vermont south in return for more money from the state. Amtrak still will serve Montreal via Albany, N.Y.)

* Atlantic City, N.J.-Philadelphia (three daily round trips, plus additional weekend service, some operating beyond Philadelphia to other Eastern points; portions of some routes beyond Philadelphia will continue.)

* Detroit-Pontiac, Mich. and Detroit-Toledo, Ohio (service formerly provided as extensions of daily Chicago-Detroit trains; Chicago-Detroit service will remain).

Frequency Reductions April 1:

* Chicago-Milwaukee: From eight daily round trips to five.

* St. Louis-Kansas City, Mo.: From two daily round trips to one; Amtrak originally planned to cut both, but reached a deal with Missouri to retain one at least through June.

* Roseville-Sacramento-San Jose, Calif.: From five daily round trips to two.

* Philadelphia-Harrisburg, Pa.: From eight weekday round trips to three.

* Washington-Boston: Minor service reductions, details not yet announced.

* New York-Albany-Niagara Falls, N.Y.: Three round trips a week between Albany and Niagara Falls eliminated, leaving two round trips a day plus an additional weekend train; also one daily New York-Albany round trip eliminated.


Buses eliminated April 1:

* St. Louis-Carbondale, Ill., connecting between Kansas City-St. Louis and Carbondale-New Orleans trains (replaced former rail service along this route).

* Fort Wayne-Garrett-Waterloo, Ind., connecting with Chicago-New York and Chicago-Washington trains (bus run created when freight railroad abandonments forced Amtrak to move out of Fort Wayne).