This 1994 release is an unapologetic star vehicle and its every moment is crafted to announce Geena Davis' arrival at the top. As Ms. Scacciapensieri, a feisty Italian-American resident of the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn whose unexpected pregnancy brings on the usual journey of self-discovery, Davis (pictured) gets to do a lot--and does it well. As a vehicle to display Davis' talent, "Angie" can't be faulted, and neither can the actress' pumped-up performance as a woman in the process of harnessing her emotional strength. When the film, however, is considered apart from the lead's strength, the reviews are much more mixed. Directed by Martha Coolidge and written by Todd Graff from a novel by Avra Wing; overloaded with a laundry list of uninspired soap-opera dilemmas (Showtime early Thursday at 2:35 a.m.).

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