Health Ordinances and Street Vendors

I was quite concerned about the statement by Javier Rodriguez (Voices, Feb. 26).

He likened eating tacos prepared on the street to those prepared at Taco Bell or Jack in the Box. Believe me, there is no comparison.

These restaurants can serve freshly prepared tacos because they follow the health code, and we can be reasonably sure we will not get sick eating there. The same cannot be said for eating food prepared on the street.

Street vendors should be held to the same health code compliance as those who run restaurants. Street vendors have no access to hot water, to hand-washing facilities, nor to toilet facilities. There is no place to wash their utensils in hot, soapy water.

Their food cannot be prepared, stored, displayed or served in a safe, wholesome way without adherence to the health code.

Protecting the public health is good business. Any responsible food vendor would agree with this.


Los Angeles

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