Sanders' Campaign

As long as City Councilman Nate Holden refuses to debate the issues and ducks every community forum we've been invited to attend together, he can expect to find me outside his City Hall door or anywhere else he tries to hide ("Holden's Campaign," letter, March 14).

After eight years of embarrassing the 10th District, Councilman Holden has a lot to answer for and he understandably doesn't want to do so in the public.

He doesn't want to explain being an apologist for former Police Chief Daryl Gates nor his vote to reinstate Gates after the Police Commission suspended the chief following the Rodney King beating.

He doesn't want to explain his subsequent move out of the district to a Marina del Rey condominium and his recent return just to run again.

The councilman doesn't want to talk about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has forced the city to pay for his defense in sexual harassment lawsuits--which begin next month in the Orange County courts where he had them transferred to avoid publicity.


Council Candidate, 10th District

Los Angeles

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