Restaurant Review Rebuttal

As the owner of La Con, I wish to correct a couple of statements made by your free-lance restaurant reviewer, Max Jacobson, concerning his visit to our restaurant (OC Live!, Jan. 19).

First, Mr. Jacobson did not have Ped ja-ar from our menu, as he has indicated in his review; therefore, he could hardly be in a position to comment on its flavor, contents, etc.

Second, he makes note that the food was not spicy enough. We believe our customers should have the option to choose how spicy they wish their food. We serve moderately spicy food as standard, and have on our menu that the customer may choose to have his selection prepared with more spice.


Costa Mesa

Editor's note: Max Jacobson reviewed a duck dish that he ordered at La Con. He took the name and description of this dish from a menu he took home with him. He apologizes if he got the name and the description wrong. Jacobson would also like to reiterate that the restaurant "complied beautifully" with his request to spice up certain dishes.

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