Five years after the demise of Reva Shayne Lewis on “Guiding Light,” Kim Zimmer is reprising the role that won her three Daytime Emmys as outstanding lead actress. She begins her 12-week run at an unspecified date this spring.

The actress admits that she was hesitant about signing onto the show or relocating to New York City, since her career in Los Angeles is finally on the upswing.

“I turned 40 and all of a sudden the town realized I exist,” says Zimmer, with a laugh. The actress recently completed a stint on the Aaron Spelling/Fox series “Models, Inc.”

“Usually, when you turn 40 your career is over,” says Zimmer. “I guess it’s ‘Judith Light Syndrome.’ It took her about four years (after leaving her Emmy-winning role of Karen Wolek on ‘One Life to Live,’ (1977-83) before she got ‘Who’s the Boss?,’ and she’s a terrific actress. I’m not putting myself in that boat, but it took awhile before it clicked for her, too.”


Things began to click for Zimmer when she changed representation a few months ago.

“I needed new blood and a different energy,” she says. Zimmer found it in a former agent, Tim Angle.

“He represented me years ago in New York City, when I was on ‘The Doctors’ (1979-82),” says Zimmer. “Now he’s in Los Angeles. I know him. I like him. And he has good ideas about what I should be and shouldn’t be doing.”

“Guiding Light” got her vote because of the timing and the soap’s unique story line. Reva will be back as a figment of her widower Josh’s (Robert Newman) imagination. The character’s reappearance will be instrumental in getting Josh and his new love, Nurse Annie (Cynthia Watros), together.


“Josh won’t be able to get on with his life--at least not in the love department--until he comes to terms with Reva’s death,” says Zimmer, who has resigned herself to handing over her old friend and co-star to Watros. “I like Cynthia. If I have to hand Robert over to anyone, I’m glad it’s her. Besides, I think they’re cute together.”

Since Zimmer’s return is only short-term, she notes that the powers-that-be at “Guiding Light” must be careful about what they do storywise.

“They don’t want the audience to fall in love with Josh and Reva again. This is a way of appeasing the audience--giving them Josh and Reva--but not bringing back the love relationship.”

The actress has a number of projects to consider. “There’s the possibility of a pilot, plus I just did guest spots on ‘Babylon 5' and ‘University Hospital,’ and am involved in the Spelling camp.”

Right now she’s looking forward to stepping back into Reva’s shoes.

“I’ve always loved the character,” she says with a smile. “I’m thrilled to be able to play her again. And I’m excited that I’ll be back in New York City during the wonderful months of May, June, and July.”

“Guiding Light” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on CBS.