Carjack Slaying Suspect Accused in Jail Killing

The teen-ager accused of murdering two Japanese students in a highly publicized carjacking last year has been accused of stabbing and killing another inmate Sunday in the Men's Central Jail, sheriff's officials said.

Raymond Oscar Butler, 18, the alleged gunman in the slaying of the two Marymount College foreign students in a San Pedro supermarket parking lot, was one of three inmates to attack inmate Tyrone Flemming, 23, stabbing him to death with a makeshift knife, officials said.

Sheriff's Deputy Matthew C. Rodriguez said that Butler slipped out of his handcuffs in a line of inmates walking from their cells to the showers Sunday morning, and began to hit Flemming, in jail on a burglary charge. Inmate Paul Gornick, 24, also jailed on a murder charge, removed his handcuffs and stabbed Flemming before Butler took the knife and also stabbed Flemming, officials said.

A third inmate, Daniel Rivera, 18, also attacked Flemming while his hands were still handcuffed to his waist, officials said. All three men have been booked in Flemming's murder.

Butler is awaiting trial for the March, 1994, slayings of Takuma Ito and Go Matsuura.

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