IRVINE : Bergeson’s Plan for O.C. Gets Council’s Backing


County Supervisor Marian Bergeson brought her campaign to reinvent county government to the City Council this week, where she received enthusiastic support for a plan that would eventually eliminate her new job.

It was the supervisor’s first presentation of the plan to a city council.

Under it, the Board of Supervisors eventually would be replaced by a county mayor and a 14-member board called the Orange Regional Services Authority. The board would consist of 10 city officials and four members of established community groups.


By giving city governments responsibility for a range of county services and consolidating others, Bergeson estimates her plan could save the county $140 million a year.

“The ideas might seem radical,” Bergeson said. “The supervisors’ days as land barons frankly don’t exist anymore, as more and more of the area becomes incorporated.”

During a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, Supervisor Roger R. Stanton referred to her plan as an “off-the-wall, cotton-headed idea.”

But all five Irvine council members enthusiastically endorsed what they called a “courageous” proposal.

“This is the first breath of fresh air we’ve had in this county for a long time,” Councilman Barry J. Hammond said.

Council members agreed to create a resolution endorsing the plan, to be formally adopted at their May 23 meeting.