Weintraub Endorses Yaroslavsky

Gaining a potentially powerful ally, 5th District Los Angeles City Council candidate Barbara Yaroslavsky won the endorsement Monday of former council hopeful and past school board member Roberta Weintraub.

Weintraub, who represented parts of the San Fernando Valley on the school board for 14 years, joined several new supporters who are expected to help Yaroslavsky's candidacy in the Valley portion of the district, where she came in last during the April 11 primary.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Yaroslavsky is the best candidate and the most qualified to take the post," Weintraub said at a news conference outside City Hall.

The endorsement surprised some political observers because Weintraub accused Yaroslavsky during the primary of showing "tremendous disdain for the public" for failing to appear at about a dozen public debates.

Yaroslavsky faces attorney Mike Feuer in a June 6 runoff.

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