BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : ANGELS : Edmonds Wants to Play Hurt

Center fielder Jim Edmonds wants to play. And he wants to make a statement. So even though his sore left foot flares up practically every day, making it difficult to run, he has remained in the lineup.

"I want to be perceived in a different way," said Edmonds, who has been criticized for his laid-back approach to the game. "When I hurt my knee in spring training, some people thought I just wanted to take a few days off, but now that I'm hurt and playing, maybe it will be good for me. It will help people realize how bad I want to play."

Edmonds, who is eight for 18 in his last four games, packs his foot in ice after every game and has been receiving daily ultrasound treatments.


Second baseman Damion Easley (sprained right wrist) didn't start Wednesday for the fourth consecutive game, and he's getting impatient.

"I thought I could play yesterday, I thought I could play today, I don't think anymore," Easley said. "I'm about 85-90%, but that's plenty enough to play. I've given [Manager Marcel Lachemann] enough subtle hints, but I've just got to go with his decision."

Said Lachemann: "I'm not comfortable playing him until he can do everything he can do, and he's still not to that point yet."


The Angels have come to terms with 17 of 60 draft picks, including No. 2 Jarrod Washburn (Wisconsin Oshkosh pitcher), No. 3 Jeremy Blevins (Sullivan East, Ohio, High pitcher) and No. 5 Justin Baughman (Lewis & Clark College shortstop). They are expected to meet with Jeff Moorad, agent for No. 1 pick Brian Erstad, on Friday.


Outfielder Garret Anderson and pitcher Russ Springer flew all night from Vancouver to join the team, but Springer probably won't be activated until Friday, when he's scheduled to start at Baltimore.

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