BASEBALL / DAILY REPORT : ANGELS : Davis Fined $5,000 for Fan Incident

Chili Davis got a slap on the wrist for poking a fan in the cheek. Davis, who stuck his finger in the face of a heckler in Milwaukee’s County Stadium on Sunday, was fined $5,000 by the American League on Thursday--roughly 0.13% of his $3.8-million salary--but was not suspended.

The Milwaukee Sheriff’s Dept. charged Davis with disorderly conduct, which carries a $287 fine, and the Brewers will send Davis a bill for the clubhouse storage cabinet he tore up after his first-inning strikeout.

Davis was in the on-deck circle during the fourth inning of the Brewer-Angel game when, fed up with the verbal harassment of a fan, he poked 26-year-old Andy Johannsen in the side of the face.

Johannsen said he has contacted an attorney but would not pursue legal action if Davis issued a public apology.


In a release prepared by the team, Davis said he “accepts the decision and sincerely regrets that I allowed my emotions to supersede my better judgment.”


The Angels sold another 175 season tickets Thursday, bringing to 1,044 the number they have sold since last Friday, the day after the Jim Abbott trade. Fans have until Aug. 15 to purchase season tickets that will guarantee them seats for playoff and World Series games in Anaheim Stadium.