FULLERTON : Barking Pets May Put Owners in Doghouse

City officials want the public to know that owners of disruptive barking dogs can be cited for creating a “nuisance.”

Councilman Chris Norby said several people have called him to complain about loud, barking dogs and asking what to do about the problem.

The city has an answer: Report the dog to the city’s code enforcement officers. If the problem persists, call Orange County Animal Control.

“People are affected by barking dogs,” Norby said at a recent council meeting. “The barking dog is a very intrusive thing.”


Norby barked and howled, demonstrating the sounds of an annoying dog and suggested that people who have problems with growling canines complain to the pet owners before calling authorities.

But if that doesn’t work, code enforcers may issue notices to dog owners. Should that fail to resolve the problem, the county animal control unit can issue citations, requiring dog owners to go to court to plead their case, officials said.