COLLEGE FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : UCLA : Key Linebacker Edwards Ailing

An accumulation of injuries put linebacker Donnie Edwards on the sidelines and his chances of playing in Saturday’s season opener against the University of Miami in doubt.

Edwards, a key figure in UCLA’s 4-3 defense, is suffering from a hip flexor, sore ribs and a sore lower leg.

“He doesn’t look healthy,” said Coach Terry Donahue. “He’s trying to practice hurt.

“We’ll probably turn him loose Saturday and see what happens. I think he’ll give it every effort, but I could see where he wouldn’t play.”


Donahue said a final decision will be made Friday.

Edwards’ backup, Jeff Ruckman, is limping because of a strained ankle ligament.

If neither can go, the job would fall to freshman Ramogi Huma, who has recently recovered from an injured shoulder.

It would be a blow to the Bruins if Edwards does not play, regardless of who replaces him. Only fellow linebacker Abdul McCullough can roam all over the field the way Edwards does.



Tuesday’s workout was the Bruins’ last heavy-duty practice of the week. Donahue wants to avoid any potentially damaging contact in drills.