COLLEGE FOOTBALL : Gators Win, but Spurrier Not Happy : Nonconference: Coach criticizes pass defense after Florida’s 45-21 victory over Houston.

From Associated Press

As expected, No. 5 Florida easily won its season opener. Gator Coach Steve Spurrier still saw some disturbing signs for the big games to come.

The Gators shook off a lackluster defensive showing to beat Houston, 45-21, Saturday, surrendering 421 yards to a team that won only one game last season.

When it was over, Spurrier didn’t want to talk about the two touchdown passes thrown by reserve quarterback Eric Kresser, the two scoring runs by Elijah Williams or Chris Doering’s six receptions for 125 yards.


“Our pass defense was certainly no better than it’s ever been around here,” Spurrier lamented. “Maybe we’ll go back to the drawing board and try something else.”

Houston, a 45-point underdog, was in the game until midway through the second quarter when the superior Gator offense began to put the score out of reach in the season opener for both. Florida finished with 567 yards,

“Maybe this was good for us,” Spurrier said. “It shows that we aren’t as good as we think we are. The preseason hype may have led us to believe we could just show up and clobber little ol’ Houston.”