South Oxnard Needs Quality Projects

* The Baldwin Co. wants to develop along Hueneme Road, building the Village West project. You would think the city of Oxnard would be proud to have this project go ahead.

South Oxnard has been forgotten by our council members. On the south end of town there are no youth activities. In fact there are no recreation facilities at all.

The Tournament Bowl (bowling alley) on Saviers Road has been closed for years. There was a theater at the corner of C Street at Channel Islands Boulevard. It also closed years ago. The South Oxnard Community Center also closed.

Perhaps the City Council needs to take a good look at the area. Saviers Road looked like a thriving area, but in the last few years (perhaps because of the concentration of business by the freeway corridor), Saviers Road is becoming a blighted area.


It seems that all we get in this end of town are proposals for low income housing. I believe it is time to bring in quality construction, somewhat pricey homes, that would bring life to our commercial area.