LA PALMA : Daniel E. Keen Starts as New City Manager

Daniel E. Keen, the former assistant city manager of Norwalk, began his new job Monday as La Palma's city manager.

Keen succeeds Len Wood, who was appointed acting city manager in April by the City Council after Pam Gibson resigned to become city manager of Sonoma.

Wood, an urban consultant from Los Angeles County, was appointed to fill the city manager position until the City Council could search for and hire a permanent successor.

Wood announced when he took the interim post that he would not be a candidate for the permanent job.

During the months that he filled in, Wood supervised several major city projects, including an overhaul of zoning regulations.

City Council members, at a meeting earlier this month, praised Wood's work. Councilwoman Charlene Hatakeyama said, "I've learned a lot from Mr. Wood. I think the city gained from having him here."

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