TV REVIEWS : ‘Save Our Streets’ Is Mostly Mean

Someone ought to make a citizen’s arrest of the makers of “Save Our Streets,” the latest “real-life” crime-stoppers TV series, for mugging the viewer.

With host Tim Reid looking silly roaming around a mock-urban set, the show assaults us with one disturbing crime anecdote after another. Jogger Wanda Mills, describing how she survived hours of torture, rape and sodomy, may talk about how she won’t allow herself to hate since “hate keeps the crime alive.” But all “Save Our Streets” deals in is hate, fear and paranoia.

Victims are turned into objects of lurid violence, families are reduced to sobbing, and criminals are reduced to “maggots,” in the words of one cop who calls himself “Captain Good.” It even extols dubious jurisprudence and hints at vigilantism (sound bite: “I could kill him myself!”).


Oh, there are bits of crime prevention advice tossed in during the carnage: “Keep your eyes open” and “Lock your car doors” and “Don’t go to ATMs at night.”

Boy, what a public service.

* “Save Our Streets” airs at 12:15 a.m. Monday, KNBC-TV Channel 4.