HUNTINGTON BEACH : Preparing for Rain, City Approves Repairs

To make sure the city is ready for the next rainy season, crews will begin repairs to two vital flood-control channels next week.

January storms damaged the Slater Channel, which was eroded by heavy rains, and the Corsican Channel, which overflowed and flooded some homes.

The City Council approved spending $24,505 to repair the Slater Channel and $17,629 for work on the Corsican Channel.


David Webb, city principal engineer, said the work is essential: “If we had a severe storm and if the channels aren’t repaired, it would pose a threat to houses.”

The concrete lining of the Corsican Channel will be repaired, he said, and a concrete slurry will be placed on the Slater Channel to prevent further erosion.

The council also approved spending as much as $120,000 for emergency repairs to Huntington Harbour’s Prince Park Bulkhead, a concrete seawall damaged by the winter storms.