South Bay : GUN GRANT

Inglewood is one of 10 cities nationwide to win a federal grant aimed at curbing youth firearms violence.

Awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Community Policing, the $750,000 fund will be used on intervention and enforcement programs that aim at decreasing firearms crimes committed by youths, said City Manager Norman Cravens.

Cravens said police will beef up community policing efforts, employ more civil sanctions against gangs and provide anti-gang and firearms education programs. He said the grant represents a means to stop youth violence in Inglewood.

"We have a big problem when it comes to firearms," Cravens said. "This program will allow the police to better execute policing activities and make it easier for them to issue firearms violations."

The Justice Department issued this first-time, one-year grant to 10 cities nationwide. Among the cities receiving grants were Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Salinas, Calif.

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