HOMECOMING: The 0-1 Mighty Ducks, who play...

HOMECOMING: The 0-1 Mighty Ducks, who play their second game at Hartford tonight, don't open at The Pond until next Wednesday, against Vancouver. To win the home opener, they'll have to shut down the Canucks' scoring leader, Pavel Bure. . . . That hasn't always been easy for Anaheim. Bure is the only player to score a hat trick--three goals in a single game--against the Ducks in their brief history. He scored three times in a 5-0 Vancouver victory in April.

NEW WATCHDOGS: There's a new group on the scene to keep an eye on frivolous or needless lawsuits that tie up local courts. It's called Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, formed by several local business people. They got help from Assemblyman Bill Morrow (R-Oceanside) at their kickoff session Tuesday in Santa Ana. . . . The goal, says the group's Pat Crockett: "Stopping civil lawsuit abuse, by educating the public, and stimulating public debate on the issue."

DOING IT HERE: The setting for Tom Hanks' new movie, "That Thing You Do," which starts shooting soon, is Erie, Pa., circa 1964. Except it won't really be Erie--it will be Old Towne in Orange. Hanks and 20th Century Fox have made several visits there, convinced Old Towne has a good, '60s small-town feel. . . . The City Council quickly added the movie to its Tuesday agenda to approve cooperation with location shooting, Nov. 28-Dec. 15. . . . Hanks, who wrote the screenplay, plays a member of a rock band.

ORANGE & GREEN: The city of Orange has motives beyond just wanting to see Tom Hanks come to town. Its Economic Development staff estimates the movie company will spend $30,000 a day in the city--compared to just $18,000 daily spent by a recent cable TV movie company. . . . Says development spokeswoman Victoria Cleary: "Additional benefits are immeasurable. The city will receive significant media attention during the production. Exposure will continue after the film is released, even years from now when it is released on video."

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