Winds May Continue Through Weekend

The gusty offshore winds that blew across the peaks and valleys of east Ventura County should continue through the weekend, according to meteorologists.

The winds, commonly known as Santa Anas, have caused few problems so far but did spark a five-acre brush fire at Rocketdyne in Simi Valley. The blaze was put out in a few hours.

Meteorologists predict the winds will reach speeds from 20 to 30 m.p.h. inland with stronger gusts across passes and mountain peaks.

The winds, which originate in the Great Basin west of the Rockies, heat up as they reach lower altitudes. But meteorologist Vladimir Ryshko said the winds turn colder later in the season as the desert air cools.

"They act like water out in the desert that kind of sloshes over the mountains and then runs down the hillside bringing the cool air with it," he said.

The Santa Anas usually start in October and persist into January.

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