Spinning Webs and Stories : Halloween is the common thread for guests treated to a crafty tea in honor of Miss Spider.

A Halloween vibe hung over Miss Spider's Tea Party, held Saturday in the parlor and dining room of the Kellogg House, one of four historic buildings on the grounds of the Discovery Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana.

More than 50 children and their parents attended the ghoulish affair. They were tricked or treated to a light lunch of peanut-butter sandwiches and spider cookies, minus the webs.

Washing it all down wasn't too frightening thanks to the "witch's brew" (actually, it was apple juice turned "steaming" with dry ice).

The house, built in 1898, was done up in monstrous black and orange decorations, with small "Halloween trees" covered with creeping spiders and their silky webs.

After a reading of David Kirk's storybook "Miss Spider's Tea Party," the children made skeleton puppets, added their touches to a miniature haunted house and, with the help of plastic garbage bags, were transformed into bats.

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