BREA : Family in Mass. Seeks Brother of Ailing Man

Brea resident Gillian Sawers is spearheading a search for a family member, believed to be in Southern California, who could be his dying brother’s last hope.

Sawers is searching for Eugene Sullivan, 56, in hopes that he will be a compatible bone marrow donor for his brother Jerry, who is in Boston and has leukemia.

The family searched voter, property and credit records and found his last address in Santa Barbara, but they have not been able to find him. They also have hired a private detective, with the same result.

Sullivan was last known to be living in the Santa Barbara or Ventura areas, is a drifter and may be homeless, his family said. He is 5-feet-11 and about 165 pounds with blue eyes. He is bald, with gray hair on the sides.


“Eugene is pretty much Jerry’s last chance,” Sawers said. “Jerry’s brother and sister have already been tested and are not compatible as donors. If Jerry doesn’t get the transplant, he will die.”

Sawers asks that anyone who may know the brother’s whereabouts call her, at (714) 630-5005, or the Sullivan family in Massachusetts, at (617) 393-5540.