CLUB REVIEW : Bobby McGee’s Naivete Adds Up to Fun


As Vanilla Ice’s mondo 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby” blares over the speakers at Bobby McGee’s in Burbank, a young man takes over the dance floor, pantomiming to near perfection the beleaguered rapper’s every video move. No matter that MTV recently voted it the No. 1 scariest video ever created. Bobby McGee’s clientele doesn’t care about cool. By the looks of things, they just want to have fun.

Although it’s only minutes from Hollywood, the nightspot is closer to Kansas on the sophistication map. The deejay takes requests and sings “Happy Birthday,” and if the drinks were any cheaper they’d be free. In its oddball way, though, the 14-year-old venue’s naivete adds up to a pretty good time. After all, Bobby McGee’s isn’t competing with the Viper Room--actually, it’s not even competing with the nearby Black Angus.

Part of its charm is that anything goes and everyone’s invited. Urban cowboys and White Zombie doubles hang close to the bar. Men in business suits who likely haven’t seen a dance floor since their high school prom flail around beside equally un-adept but enthused co-workers.

The music helps inspire the free-form wackiness here. Everyone’s in a frenzy because the deejay keeps playing their favorite songs. A typical set might include Michael Jackson and more Michael Jackson, mixed in with some raucous Queen and Aerosmith numbers. By the time the deejay spins a slow George Michael selection, you realize you’re itching to take to the dance floor yourself. Ultimately, at Bobby McGee’s it’s hip to be a square.


* Bobby McGee’s, 107 S. 1st St . , Burbank. 21 and over, no cover Mon.-Wed., $5 Thur . -Sun. (818) 841-1935.


Club Buzz: Bossa Nova, a funk, jazz and ambient soul club operated by deejays Bruno Guez and Jason Bentley, has moved from 217 Broadway to the Savoy in Santa Monica on Thursday nights. . . . Hollywood’s Bar Deluxe features Celtic punk band Superkeltic each Wednesday through November.

* Bossa Nova, (310) 587-0766. Bar Deluxe, (213) 469-1991.