ALBUM REVIEW / POP : A Hot Name, Decent Voice Help Ballads : ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: "Enrique Iglesias" Fonovisa **

"If you leave/You'll take my heart with you/And without you/I don't know which way to go" is the translation of the opening lines of the first single from Enrique Iglesias' debut album. Or how about: "To kiss your mouth/deserves a hallelujah," from Chein Garcia's "Experiencia religiosa" (Religious Experience)?

That's about all you need to know about this album of standard, predictable romantic ballads, written mainly by noted producer Rafael Perez-Botija. Only Marco Antonio Solis' spicy "Inventame" (Invent Me), the last track, offers a little imagination.

The rest, mostly co-written by Iglesias and Roberto Morales, are the usual corny hymns of love that will succeed only because of Iglesias' decent voice, good looks and, yes, illustrious last name.

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