Wilson Proposes 15% Tax Cut, More Money for Schools : Ventura Impact

Gov. Wilson's budget proposal Wednesday--promising more money for schools and law enforcement--was a welcome relief for Ventura County communities hard hit by past budget cuts.

Education: Elementary and high schools could see a 5.5% onetime increase on top of a 3.3% cost-of-living boost. Community colleges would get a 3.3% hike with a freeze on tuition costs.

Criminal Justice: The state would begin picking up a bigger share of court costs and giving Ventura County more money from fines collected. County law enforcement agencies could receive as much as $2.75 million if taxpayers vote to give them 1% of state income tax.

Libraries: The budget provides no extra money for library districts gutted over the past four years. But local officials say they will join to press library funding bills in the Legislature.

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Source: State of California

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