Cyndy Garvey Charged With Filing False Police Reports

Cyndy Garvey, the former wife of ex-Dodger star Steve Garvey, has been charged with five counts of filing false police reports claiming that she had been stalked, Santa Monica police said.

Garvey told police she had been stalked, assaulted and had received harassing telephone calls from a Santa Monica man in December and in January, according to a complaint filed Wednesday by the Santa Monica city attorney’s office.

Garvey’s allegations prompted police to respond at her Santa Monica condominium numerous times “under emergency circumstances,” said Sgt. Gary Gallinot of the Santa Monica Police Department.


“We expended six weeks of police resources in following up on these allegations only to find out that they were false,” Gallinot said.

If found guilty of the charges, Garvey could be sentenced to a maximum of six months in jail and a $500 fine, Gallinot said.

In 1989, Garvey was found guilty of 42 counts of contempt in violating a court order that permitted her ex-husband to visit his two daughters. She spent a night in jail, and a Los Angeles Superior Court judge later suspended her 126-day jail sentence. Her ex-husband was granted joint custody of the children. The couple, who married in 1971, divorced in 1983.