Nixon Library Tells the Whole Story

Re "Honor Guard" (March 3): Your profile of John Taylor, director of the privately funded Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, was excellent except for the quote from Oliver Stone that the Nixon library is "like a Soviet museum--a revisionist history that far exceeds that of any other presidential library."

Stone is wrong, again, and it is unbelievable that he is accusing someone else of being revisionist about the life of Richard Nixon.

The Nixon library more than fairly depicts the problems of the Nixon presidency (as well as its triumphs). In contrast, try to find any reference to Jimmy Carter's unfortunate 1980 Olympic boycott in his government-funded presidential library in Atlanta. There is not one word about the boycott. I know, because I won a $1 bet after the omission was confirmed by the director of the obviously revisionist Carter library.

Thank you, President Carter, for the dollar, and no thanks to Oliver Stone for another inaccuracy.


Los Angeles

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