Gabriel Ruelas Fights Herrera in Main Event Tonight at Olympic

Gabriel Ruelas returns to the ring for the first time tonight since losing his World Boxing Council super-featherweight title to Azumah Nelson in December.

Ruelas (41-3, 23 knockouts) will face Julio Cesar Herrera (21-2, 19 knockouts) in the 10-round main event at the Olympic Auditorium.

In the bout before the loss to Nelson, Ruelas beat Jimmy Garcia so badly that Garcia subsequently died of a brain injury.

For some, Ruelas won’t be the main attraction tonight. Jay Leno, host of “The Tonight Show,” is scheduled to bring his crew to film a segment on the four-round match between Eric “Butterbean” Esch and Billy McDonald.


The 300-pound Butterbean, fast becoming a regular on Leno’s show, has even asked the comedian to work his corner. Leno wouldn’t do that and make a mockery of the event, would he?

The first of six fights on the card starts at 7 p.m.