Gunman Fires at Car, Wounding Passenger

A passenger in a car about to get on the Ventura Freeway in Oxnard was shot after a gunman in another car opened fire on the vehicle early Wednesday.

Citing an investigation, police would not release the identity of the victim, who was treated at Ventura County Medical Center and released.

Authorities said the young man escaped major injuries when the bullet struck him in the back but did not lodge in the skin.

“He was very lucky,” said David Keith, an Oxnard Police Department spokesman. “I think the guy ought to be buying lottery tickets tonight.”


Police said the passenger was in a car at a stop sign on Town Center Drive near the entrance to the Ventura Freeway about 1 a.m. when another car approached on the driver’s side. Police said a gunman in the other car fired at least three shots, with one bullet shattering the rear window of the car the passenger was in.

Another bullet hit the victim between the shoulders and the driver took him to the hospital, police said.