Sagebrush Cantina Serves Smooth, Light Musical Brew


Ain't no time for the summertime blues when you can head out to the Sagebrush Cantina. The 22-year-old Calabasas venue, which started out as a tiny shack that served Mexican food before sprawling into a Gigantor-sized restaurant and music club, keeps the live music coming and the beer flowing all week long. Over the years, the popular day-and-night spot has grown so vast that it now occupies a good chunk of Calabasas Road, with nearly every lot surrounding the cantina having evolved into a parking area.

Good thing, because six days a week the cantina serves up classic rock, blues and a tad of alternative music by way of reasonably good cover bands. Much of the music isn't particularly challenging, but the soothing sounds of old Clapton and Zep are a good fit with the cantina's sawdust-strewn floors, the vintage Harleys on display in the bar area and the plethora of beer memorabilia.

Although always jumping during summer months, the Sagebrush Cantina's most popular event is its Sunday afternoon "cocktail patio" party, and it's the only time the club charges a cover ($5). From 2 p.m. till evening the huge patio features bands on its outdoor stage and more Harley-Davidson riders in attendance than you can shake a stick at. A recent performance by the Tiki Roomers caused more than a few guests to wonder if these guys were lip-syncing, so convincing were the vocals on versions of songs by such artists as Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman and Neil Young. And even if the music doesn't exactly fascinate you, five bucks is a nominal price to pay to see hundreds of gorgeous Harleys lined up in one place.

* Sagebrush Cantina, 23527 Calabasas Road, Calabasas. All ages except in designated bar areas, cover charge only on Sundays. (818) 222-6062.


The Buzz: Sucker, the Sunday afternoon punk-rock beer bust at the Garage in East Hollywood, is hosting its "First Annual Sucker Summer Party" on July 28, with bands performing from 4 p.m. till midnight. Among the scheduled artists are Silver Lake superstars Touchcandy, Glen Meadmore's Kuntry Band, Size 14, Rizzo, Patsy and Bambi Lake (from San Francisco). The $5 admission includes barbecued burgers.

* Sucker at the Garage. (213) 662-6802, (310) 276-9450.

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