Is Downey Crossing Mason-Dixon Line?

Get off your horse, Mike Downey. I do not know what hole you are held up in, but quit whining and start reporting. The day (July 23) you ran your "Bumfuzzled" article, the world's best athletes were competing all over the city and somehow almost every venue was full. Thousands of buses got to their venues on time and I personally rode the MARTA subway train to my event. Yes, it was somewhat crowded, but I got to my event on time. In fact, because the trains were so crowded we were exchanging pins, cheering for our teams and basically laughing at the fact that we were all in this together.

I feel bad for you, Mike. You have misled your readers by focusing on one dead tree in a 10,000-acre forest.




Mike Downey is obviously a very unhappy man with little or no self-esteem. Granted, the press nearly always prefers the negative to the positive, but come on! I doubt very seriously that the 1984 Games in Los Angeles went without incident. Poor Mr. Downey obviously believes the world revolves around Los Angeles and his thoughts and opinions. The rest of the world has news for you, Mr. Downey, and it's not what you'd like to think.



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