Kemp to Attend Rally at Cal Lutheran


Republican vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp and his wife, Joanne, will arrive about 11 a.m. today at Cal Lutheran University in his “California Victory Express” bus tour through Southern California.

After a 10 a.m. appearance at Ventura’s City Hall, Kemp will speak at a rally for Republican supporters at Cal Lutheran’s Kingsmen Park. Festivities will begin at 10:30 a.m. with the Kemps and their entourage coming half an hour later.

The visit to the Thousand Oaks campus is part of a well-publicized effort by Republicans to woo California voters less than a week before election day.


Cal Lutheran administrators didn’t find out about Kemp’s planned visit until Monday, said Cal Lutheran spokeswoman Lynda Fulford, adding that the campus was chosen by the candidate’s staff because it is the only four-year university in Ventura County and has an outdoor area suited for public events.

Kemp is expected to stay at Cal Lutheran until 1 p.m., when he and his entourage will leave Ventura County for a 2:05 p.m. appearance at Woodbury University in Burbank.

On Wednesday afternoon, the only indication of an impending visit by a vice presidential candidate was a small black stage and the orange temporary fencing surrounding the area where the rally will be held: a grassy, landscaped spot near the center of the campus punctuated by a small stream.

“The students here aren’t really politically motivated, like at Berkeley,” Fulford said. “They’re pretty calm about things like that.”

Arriving on Kemp’s heels, President Clinton will make a brief stop in the county tonight prior to his 9 a.m. appearance Friday at Santa Barbara City College.

The president is expected to arrive from Oakland at Point Mugu Naval Air Station shortly after 9 p.m., where he will meet briefly with the press before leaving for Santa Barbara. The public is not invited.