Dornan's Flight in Marine Jet

* Re "Dornan Takes Final Flight in Marine Jet," Dec. 10: With children starving and countless numbers of people sleeping in the gutters all over this town, it becomes quite evident that our government representatives don't give a flying .J.J. how they spend our hard-earned tax dollars, as evidenced when they take to the air in an FA-18 military jet for a joy ride.

I'm not sure who we should invoice for the estimated $4,000-plus uselessly spent for a desert hop, Rep. Robert K. Dornan (R-Garden Grove) or the Pentagon's Office of Legislative Affairs, but gentlemen, consider this invoice due upon receipt!


Los Angeles

* Dornan went up in an FA-18 for a "spin" over the California desert that included simulated bombing attacks. The Pentagon office that approved his request should be investigated and made to explain why it permitted this ridiculous and costly joy ride.


Granada Hills

* So, Dornan's last kick to the shins of the taxpayers of this state was a joy ride in an FA-18 fighter jet costing between $2,000 and $4,000. He said this little trip was for "orientation."

I assume that this was a "test drive" and he intends to buy one.


North Hills

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