Shame on Francis Ford Coppola! I don't know what combination of egotism, greed and reprehensible bad timing could have prompted his foolish act of suing Carl Sagan ("Deep Space $250,000," by Claudia Puig, Jan. 26). This deed is blatantly offensive to Sagan's memory.

I think what would have bothered Sagan most about Coppola's action is that it might torpedo completion and release of "Contact." The film tells the story of a dedicated scientist as she searches for evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. At a time awash in mindless alien monster movies and pseudo-science drivel, a story about a rational and heroic scientist is sorely needed.

On behalf of the millions of young people who will be positively influenced by this film, and on behalf of the half a billion people who were enriched by Carl Sagan's "Cosmos," I ask Francis Ford Coppola to please terminate this disgusting real-life film noir he has created.


Fellow of the British

Interplanetary Society



It's too bad Francis Ford Coppola will never get the chance to speak with Carl Sagan regarding the "Contact" matter. One of our most original writers is now in heaven and poor Mr. Coppola doesn't stand a chance.

Does he believe in karma? If so, his hell will begin long before his empty heart stops.


Los Angeles


Francis Ford Coppola has always been our favorite filmmaker; the "Godfather" trilogy and "Apocalypse Now" are as good as anything ever done in American film. We've also thought of him as a very kind and good man.

If your story on his suit against the estate of Carl Sagan is true, he has become a very petty and vindictive man. How sad.


Los Angeles

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